What is the fee to the ticket buyer?

If you choose to add the ticketing fee to the cost of the ticket it is paid by the buyer and therefore it doesn't cost an event organizer anything to sell tickets with Freshtix.

The ticket buyer pays a small fee of $1.49 + 2% per ticket. If an event Organizer chooses to use our merchant processor to accept credit cards we charge an additional 3% for this service.


A $10.00 ticket will have a $1.99 fee added. [Fee = $1.49 + $.20 (2%) + $.30 (3%) = $1.99]

You can use your own PayPal account or your own merchant account and avoid the 3% fee.

As an event organizer, you may choose to either add that fee and make the ticket buyer pay it or embed the fee and absorb it.




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