How to pull Reports


  1. Sign into your Freshtix account
  2. Click on 'Manage Events'
  3. Click on the name of the event you want to pull a report for. This will open your Event Dashboard. 
  4. Scroll down to the 'Reports' section in the Dashboard.


    5. You can quickly view a report by clicking the name of the report. A second tab will open and the report will populate.

    6. You can download the report by clicking the  icon to the right. 


#FRESHTIP - Not all reports are included on the Dashboard. There are more reports available via the 'Reports' tab on the left side of the screen including the Promo Code Transaction Report. 



  • My Organization Sales: Detailed information for each order

Event Name | Showing Date | Confirmation # | First Name | Last Name | Email | Type | Quantity | Ticket Price | Total Price | Sales Channel | Sales Date | Ticket Agent | Payment Method

  • Sales By Price Type: Total sales and quantity sold by ticket type

Event Name | Org Name | Showing Start Date | Price Type Name | Quantity | Revenue

  • Promo Code Transactions: Breakdown of sales by promo code

Price Type | Promo Code | Base Price | Actual Price | Quantity | Total | Discount Total 

  • Will Call List: A printable list of attendees for your event

Last Name | First Name | Quantity| Type | Confirmation Number | Email | Event Name | Showing Date

  • Attendance: Number of scanned tickets by ticket type

Event Name | Org Name | Showing Start Date | Price Type Name | Quantity | Tickets Scanned 

  • Daily Event Sales: Sales and quantity sold for each day leading up to your event

Event Name | Event Date | Sale Date | Days Before Event | Number of Tickets | Revenue

  • Sales By Ticket Agent: Total sales by payment method and the ticket agent who sold the ticket

 Event Name | Ticket Agent | Payment Method | Total 

  • Price Type Questions: Breakdown of answers to questions asked per ticket

User Email | User Name | Ticket Type | Barcode | "Custom Questions"

  • Event Questions: Breakdown of answers to questions asked per order

Event Name | User Name | User Email | Order Number

  • Purchaser Report: Name, address, and phone number of each of your customers

First Name | Last Name | Street Address | Suite Apt # |City | State | Zip | Email | Phone Number | Ticket Type by Event 



#FRESHTIP - An Organizer can bookmark his report for easy access. When you pull a report the date range is displayed as the date the tickets went on sale through the date you pulled the report. You can edit the URL to the date after the event and bookmark the link. Now the date range will display the date the tickets went on sale through the date after the event.





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