Promoter Tracking Links

With Freshtix, it is easy to create a tracking link (affiliate link, came from code) to track ticket sales.

Perhaps you offer other promoters a commission for helping you sell tickets? It is easy with a tracking link.

Just follow these steps.


Create Your URL

  1. Find your event URL  (e.g.
  2. Next, add the following to the end of the URL:

    (in the blanks space, type a code for where your customer came from)

    Some examples might be
    • ?utm_campaign=Facebook
    • ?utm_campaign=Twitter

  3. Your URL will look like this now:

  4. To create additional links, simply switch out the "campaign" bit with something else.

    Here are some examples:



Having trouble making your URL? Check out this Google URL builder!


Track Your Sales

You can track the ticket sales your link has generated in the Reports section of your Event Dashboard or by following these steps:

    1. Login to
    2. Click on "Reports" in the navigation menu
    3. Select the "Promoter Tracking Links” report (or "Ticket Sales by UTM Source" on your Event Dashboard)
    4. Select the event and click submit
    5. Now, you’ll see all the ticket sales generated by every URL







You can out more about UTM parameters and tracking in this awesome blog post.

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