Add Sales Tax

There are two ways to add city, state and local sales taxes.

  1. Add it to the face value of the ticket (the cost of the ticket)
  2. Add it to the service charge (convenience fee) in the form of a rebate

Add Sales Tax To The Cost Of The Ticket

When creating your Price Type (ticket type) simply include the amount of sales tax you're required to pay. Most event Organizers include city, state and local sales taxes in the cost of the ticket, also known as the 'face value' of the ticket. E.G. Tickets to your event might be $15 each including all applicable sales taxes. You, in turn, pay your city, state and local sales taxes out of the $15 you collect for each ticket. 

In the example above, sales tax is included in the cost of the ticket.

Add Sales Tax to the Service Charge

Another way to do it is to add the sales tax amount to the Service Charge, the portion of the convenience fee paid by the ticket buyer that is collected by Freshtix.

In this case, you'll need to have our Rebate feature enabled. Simply contact us to get that turned on if it isn't already.

Then add the amount of tax you need to collect as a 'rebate' that will be paid to you in addition to your ticket revenue, the face value of all tickets.


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