Selling & Setting Up Tables

If you have tables at your venue and want to print a ticket for each person sitting at the table, here's a #Freshtip

  1. Create your ticket type. E.G. 'Table Of Six' or 'Six Person Table' or 'Table For Six'.
  2. Set the price "PER PERSON" (not, per table)
    • In our example, our table costs $120.00 for six people so the price is $20.00 per person
  3. Enter the quantity available in multiples of 6
    • Quantity  = 6 for one table
    • Quantity  = 12 if you have two tables available
    • Quantity = 18 if you have three tables available
  4. Click the 'gear' icon to display advanced options
  5. Set the minimum number of tickets per order to 6
  6. Set the maximum number of tickets per order to 6
  7. Save & Exit

Your customers can now purchase all 6 tickets at the table and they'll receive one ticket for each person in their party.





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