How much does it cost to use Freshtix?

It doesn't cost you (the event organizer) anything if you pass the small fee on to the ticket buyer.

Freshtix is free for free events and it doesn't cost anything to post your event on

For paid events, there is a small fee of $1.75 + 3% per ticket.

You can use our merchant account which allows ticket buyers to pay using a credit or debit card. We charge 3% for this service. Nearly everyone passes this fee on to the ticket buyer.


A $10.00 ticket will have a $2.35 fee added.

[Fee = $1.75 + $.30 (3%) + $.30 (3% Freshtix Processing) = $2.35]

You can also use a PayPal  Business account or your own merchant account to avoid the 3% fee.

As an event organizer, you may choose to either add that fee and make the ticket buyer pay it or embed the fee and absorb it.


View Fees

You can determine the fee when you create a ticket - the calculator shows you exactly what you'll make per ticket sold.





Box Office Ticket Sales

Why not use our software for your on-site ticket sales as well? Visit this page for more information about our box office fees.

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