Adding Banner Images (Customize My Page)

You can customize your event checkout page by uploading images, pictures photos, flyers and header banners.

It is easy to upload a photo!

How To Upload Your Photo

  1. Log in to Freshtix and click 'Manage Events' at the top
  2. In the 'My Events' tab on the left, click on your event name
  3. Select 'Edit Your Event'
  4. Select the 'Event Images' tab
  5. Upload your JPG or PNG image.
    1. The recommended size of the banner image is 980 pixels wide x 300 pixels high. The minimum height is 300 pixels. If your image is shorter than 980 pixels wide, the blank area can be filled in with a solid color.

  6. Click 'Save'


Click here to learn how to add images to your calendar!



Example of an event checkout page with a banner image that is 980 px x 300 px:




Example of an event page with a banner that doesn't have the width of 980 pixels:



Example of an event Email Update with a banner image that is 980 px x 300 px:



Example of an event Email Update without a banner image that is 980 px x 300 px:


Sample Image For Your Page

Don't have a banner image yet? Right click on the image below to download it and upload to your page! 


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