Create a custom URL

With Freshtix, we give you the ability to create a search engine friendly URL

The first part of the URL will always be

Here ________ is where you fill in the blank.


A GOOD example of a search engine friendly URL would be:


A BAD example of a #notverysearchenginefriendly URL would be:

More Information

By adding hyphens, it makes it easier for a search engine to understand what the page is about and return the result when someone searches for 'sister hazel at the Brewhouse in Rome on June 4th'

Instead of


Because search engines don’t know how to read buckheadspringartsandcraftfestival2014 – it looks like one word.


Whereas buckhead-spring-arts-and-craft-festival-2014 is clearly about the 2014 Buckhead Springs Arts and Craft Festival​

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