Scanning barcodes on phones

The Freshtix mobile app can scan the ticket barcode on someone's phone.

The ticket holder doesn't need to print the ticket. They can just show it on their phone.

  • To scan the barcode on someone's phone, hold the scanner about 5-10 inches away from the phone at a 45-degree angle to the phone.
  • For best results, try to minimize any glare and avoid bright light. Use your body to create shade.
  • If possible, scan under a tent during an outdoor event in bright sun.
  • If at the entrance to a night club, make sure there's enough light.
  • Ask the phone owner to turn the screen brightness all the way up!

Here's more information on how to use the Freshtix app!



Ticket Scanning Report

To view a report to show your ticket scan times in 15-minute intervals, visit the Analytics section on your event dashboard.


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