Preview but not publish my event

Let's say you created your event, but you need the page approved by someone else before you go live. You can save your event as Private. This allows you to see the event page before it goes live to the public. 

We've made that easy.

  1. Login to and select 'Manage Events' from the top menu
  2. Click on the name of your event to open the Dashboard
  3. Click 'Edit Your Event'
  4. Select the 'Settings' tab
  5. Choose Private Page: do not list this event publicly, but still accessible with a direct link
  6. The option to select a publish date appears, this is optional
  7. Click 'Save' to keep changes

This ensures only those who know the event page URL can find it.

It won't appear in our list of events and it won't be searchable on our website.


  • Make Public - anyone can find it
  • Make Private- event is not publicly listed



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