Retargeting marketing

Retargeting marketing (sometimes referred to as behavioral marketing) helps remind customers who saw your event page but didn't make a ticket purchase to come back and complete their transaction.

Retargeting marketing tags online users who visit your page on with a pixel or a cookie and then serves them banner ads for your event as they surf the web.

The retargeting marketing stops once they come back and complete their ticket purchase.

Our retargeting marketing packages start as low as $50.00 each and we typically see an ROI of at approximately 12:1.

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  • Having the six ad sizes helps maximize the reach of your ad campaign.
  • There will be an “AdChoices” button in the Northeast Corner of the ad which will be about a 60x15 pixel area.
  • Remember to include a Call To Action. We recommend adding a “Buy Tickets” Button or “Click Here For Tickets” so users know to click the ad.
  • Static (non-animated) image ads can be formatted as .JPEG or .GIF files.
  • Image ad files must be smaller than 45KB.

The following ad sizes are accepted:

  1. Banner - 468x60
  2. Square - 250x250
  3. Small Square - 200x200
  4. Leaderboard - 728x90
  5. Medium Rectangle - 300x250
  6. Large Rectangle - 336x280
  7. Skyscraper - 120x600
  8. Wide Skyscraper - 160x600


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