Order Event Wristbands

Freshtix is one of the largest suppliers of event wristbands in the US. We sell upwards of 40 million wristbands each year. Freshtix is a one-stop shop for any club or event organizer. 

We offer:

  • Ticketing software to sell tickets online
  • Custom printed event tickets to sell locally
  • Stock designs custom event wristbands

Order before 2 PM ET (Monday to Friday) and you'll receive your wristbands the following day if you select FedEx Overnight delivery.

You'll soon be able to order on freshtix.com but for now, jump over to one of our websites www.eventwristbands.com or www.customizedwristbands.com

We sell:

  • Paper wristbands (made of Tyvek)
  • Plastic wristbands
  • Cloth wristbands
  • Litter-Free wristbands
  • Holographic wristbands
  • RFID wristbands

We can customize any wristband and add your own logo, design or text.


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