Promote Your Event

Because we're only successful if you're successful we will do everything we can do help you promote your events across a vast array of resources. We offer a host of tools to help maximize exposure for your event.

  • Embed ticket sales on your website
  • Promote your event on social media
  • Link your Twitter account or event #hashtag
  • Link your Facebook page
  • Utilize Retargeting Marketing


Embed ticket sales on your website/blog and share to social media

embed ticket sales

Link Twitter and Facebook

create event step 3

Retargeting Marketing

Retargeting marketing (sometimes referred to as behavioral marketing) helps remind customers who saw your event page but didn't make a purchase to come back and complete their transaction.

Retargeting marketing marks or tags online users who visit your page on with a pixel or a cookie, and then serves them banner ads for your event.

The retargeting stops once they complete the ticket purchase.

Our retargeting marketing packages start as low as $50 each and we typically see an ROI of at least 12:1

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