Credit card sales without a USB swipe

Selling tickets on-site using credit cards is easy, even if you don't have a credit card swipe.

  1. Login to
  2. Click on 'Manage Events'
  3. Select your event
  4. From the dashboard, click on 'Sell Tickets'
  5. Select 'Full Box Office'
  6. Enter a number of tickets
  7. Enter the following:
    1. the customer's first and last name (optional)
    2. the customer's email address (optional)
    3. the customer's zip code
    4. the credit card number
    5. the credit card expiration date
    6. the 3/4 digit security code from the back of the card
  8. Click the green 'Purchase with a Card' button
  9. Wait for an authorization
  10. Your sale is complete!

credit card sales

Tips and Tricks

  • The customer's zip code is required for credit card sales (but not for cash sales)
  • The zipcode must match what the bank or credit card company has on file with the cardholder or the sale will be declined
  • The customer's billing address is not required
  • Collecting the customer's address is a nice-to-have (when you're not busy)
  • During busy times, just collect First Name, Last Name, Zip Code and Email Address
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