Getting Started With RFID

RFID-enabled wristbands, lanyards or cards can be used at your event in a variety of ways.

  • Cashless Payments - use RFID to pay for items like concessions and merchandise.
  • Access Control - use RFID to control entry into your event and at different areas within your event.
  • Social Media - tap a wristband to share photos to social media streams.
  • Loyalty Programs and Gamification - tap your wristband at various places to earn points to be redeemed for merchandise or for entries to win a grand prize.

To get started using RFID technology at your event, please contact us

We'll need to know about the following:


  • What will your RFID device be? Select from the following: wristband, lanyard, card or sticker.
  • How many individual RFID devices will be activated?
  • For how long is the event being held; how many days/hours per day?
  • Is there dedicated Wi-Fi available?
  • If not, what type of Internet connection are you providing?

Access Control

  • How many entrances will you have? (inside and at the main entrance)
  • At each entrance, how many scanning devices are required?
  • Is re-entry allowed?

Cashless Payments

  • Are you interested in an open loop or closed loop cashless system? (ex. Open Loop = Live debiting of credit cards, Closed Loop = Purchasing tokens, debit tokens and refunding tokens)
  • How many Mobile RFID Point-Of-Sale Vendor Scanners will you require?
  • How many Mobile RFID Point-Of-Sale Top Up Scanners will you require?

Social Media

  • How many Bluetooth-enabled cameras and corresponding RFID devices will you require?

Loyalty Programs and Gamification

  • How many RFID scanners will you require?
  • What interactions are required to earn points?


Freshtix RFID Solutions for Festivals from Freshtix on Vimeo.

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