RFID Overview

With our RFID solution, you can issue wristbands, lanyards, cards or stickers embedded with RFID chips to your attendees.

There are many uses for RFID wristbands and they include.

  1. For entry and access to your event, different stages, VIP areas etc.
  2. For cashless payments
  3. For social media and gamification by posting to the wristband holders social media accounts
  4. For loyalty programs
  5. For sponsors - create a sponsored interaction area with activities

#FreshTip: As you learn more about RFID, you might choose to only offer RFID technology for ENTRY the first year you use it and add RFID for cashless payments or other ideas the following year.


Wristbands with an RFID chip embedded in the wristband can be used for access control.

To enter your event, the patron simply taps their RFID-enabled wristband on one of our receivers. If it is valid, a light on the receiver flashes green. If it is invalid, the light flashes red.

Access All Areas

You can use this technology to restrict entry to the overall event, VIP areas, backstage, hospitality, catering, sponsor areas, restrooms etc. 


There are two options for cashless payments

  1. Open Loop: Live debiting of credit cards - attach a credit card to your account and we'll charge your card each time you make a purchase.
  2. Closed Loop: Load up your wristband by purchasing tokens, debit tokens and refunding tokens and we'll deduct tokens for each purchase.
  3. Or, a hybrid of the two.

Freshtix Dashboard

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Cashless PaymentsCashless PaymentsCashless Payments

RFID Wristband 


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