ADA Ticket Options

Freshtix event Organizers are required to provide ticket buying option for customers with disabilities per the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) in all price levels.

You can find more information about these federal requirements by downloading the article below.

Some things to remember:

  • Venues are required to sell tickets for accessible seats in the same manner and under the same conditions as all other ticket sales.
  • Accessible seats are spaces specifically designed for wheelchairs and include features such as an accessible approach, location at grade, clear floor space, and larger dimensions.
  • Venues cannot charge higher prices for accessible seats than for non-accessible seats in the same seating section.
  • Venues and third-party sellers must provide the same information about accessible seats as provided about non-accessible seats, using the same text and visual representations.
  • People purchasing a ticket for an accessible seat may purchase up to three additional seats for their companions in the same row and these seats must be contiguous with the accessible seat.
  • Many venues offer a group sales rate for groups of a predetermined size. If a group includes one or more individuals who need accessible seating, the entire group should be seated together in an area that includes accessible seating.
  • Venues cannot require proof of disability as a condition for purchasing tickets for accessible seats.
  • If venues permit patrons to give or sell their tickets to others, the same right must be extended to patrons with disabilities who hold tickets for accessible seats and to persons with disabilities who intend to buy or receive tickets on the secondary ticket market.

 If you have any further questions, please contact us via telephone at 678-701-6114.

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