Access Codes and Pre-Sale Passwords

If you want to give some ticket buyers early or exclusive access to purchase tickets not available to the general public, you can add access codes for your events.

(What's the difference between an access code and a promo code?)

To set this up, navigate to your Event Dashboard, click on 'Edit My Event' and look for 'Access Codes' in the navigation menu.


Access Codes

  1. First, create your online price types. This can be one of your existing price types or a new price type which is only available through this access code. Note: If you only want this price type to be visible using the access code, make sure to check the box beside 'Access Code Use Only?'.

  2. Create the access code - Access codes may include only alphanumeric characters and underscores (e.g., ABC_123). Codes are not case-sensitive.

  3. Enter the begin time and end time for the access code as a whole.

  4. Select the price type that the access code is applicable to. You can select multiple price types by adding them one-by-one.

    Tip: If you want to use an access code to give customers a discounted price, create a new price type at that discounted price and make it only available through the access code.

  5. If you want access code sales for this price type to begin at a time other than the 'Access Code Start Time', specify that in 'Price Type Start Time'.

  6. After you've entered your code, the start and end times for your code and at least one price type, click 'Save'.


Sharing and Editing Your Access Code

After your access code is saved, you have options for sharing your code with customers. 


Direct Link

Takes your customer to your event page with the access code already applied.

Manage Passwords

Create unique identifiers within your access code that may only be redeemed once. Here's more information on access code passwords.


Allows you to make changes to your access code, price type(s), or sale dates and times. 


Duplicate the details of this access code. The access code sale dates/times and all of the price type details will be copied, and you can enter a new code for customers to use.


Remove the access code from your event. There will be no changes to sales that have already taken place, but this will prevent any future use of the access code.

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