Access Codes: Unique Passwords

Access Codes give you the ability to provide early or exclusive access to purchase tickets not available to the general public. Access codes can be used by anyone who has the code. But what if you'd like it to be only used once per customer (so they don't share the code or give the discount to too many people)? In that case, you can add a unique access password to your code that may only be redeemed once. You can even provide a direct link to that password so they don't have to type it.


Adding Passwords

To set this up, navigate to your Event Dashboard, click on 'Edit My Event' and look for 'Access Codes' in the navigation menu.

  1. First, create your access code. Here's more information on how to create access codes.
  2. After your access code is saved, you have options for editing your code or sharing it with customers. 

    Click the icon for managing passwords. 

  3. Enable access code passwords by clicking the 'Enable' button. Now you can use passwords on this access code.

  4. Import codes: If you already have a list of unique passwords, you can import that list (optional). This will create a new access password for each of the lines in your list. Before you complete the import, make sure that your attached document only has one column containing all of your passwords (one password per line). 

  5. Generate Codes: If you do not already have a list of unique passwords, we can create that for you. Use the 'Generate Passwords' section to identify how many passwords you would like to create. Each password will have 12 characters. 

  6. After you click 'Create', your new passwords will be displayed at the bottom of the page.


Available Passwords/Direct Links

Use the 'Download Password List' option to download a list of all of your unused passwords and direct links to those passwords. This list only shows unused passwords so any that have been used will not appear in this list.

Redeemed Passwords

After you have uploaded or generated your new passwords they will be displayed at the bottom of the page. From here you can see if they have been used, see a direct link to the event page with the password applied, or delete each password. You can also use the filter bar to search for existing passwords (beginning with the first characters in the password).

To view a list of unused passwords and their direct links, use 'Download Password List' above.





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