You can view how much you sold and how much you were paid for each of your events by clicking the "Settlements" button in the navigation menu. The Settlements page shows a summarized breakdown of revenue from tickets sales across all payment methods (credit/debit card & cash) for each event.

Note: the Settlement page is updated manually after we process your payment. Therefore, your payment may have already been processed before you see it reflected on this page. You can learn about when you get paid here.

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Event Search

When you are logged into your Freshtix account, you can view a list of all your events by clicking on the "Settlements" button in the navigation menu. You can then select an event by searching for the name or date of the event. Click on the event name to view the settlement for that event.

Note: When searching, start from the beginning of the event name. For example, if you're searching for "Freshtix Atlanta Concert" use the search term "Freshtix" rather than "Concert". Searches are not case-sensitive.




Settlement Page

The settlement page shows your basic event details, revenue breakdown and settlement items related to your event.

The Revenue Breakdown section shows ticket sales and rebates across all payment methods as well as any amount owed or paid to you for your event. You can learn about when you get paid here.

The Settlement Detail section outlines when you were paid and the details of that payment. This section may also include any deductions from settlement (ex. chargebacks before the event takes place, or refunds you authorized after the event).




Event Dashboard

You can also access your settlement information from the Event Dashboard. Here's how:

  1. In the navigation menu, select "My Events"
  2. Click on the name of your event to view the Dashboard
  3. At the bottom of the dashboard, look for the "Settlement" section. That will take you to the Settlement Page listed above.




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