Explore Your Customer Demographics

You can easily use Google Analytics to understand your customer demographics.

Make sure you add your Google Analytics ID when you create your event. (more info)

You can gain valuable insights (which can help you both market your event and sell sponsorships) such as:

  • how much money different age groups spent on tickets to your event
  • which gender spent the most money on tickets
  • what your ticket buyers are interested in (brands/interests etc)

To do this, log in to Google Analytics

  1. Build a segment for your event
  2. Run the report to view demographics for your event(s)

Building A Segment for Your Event

  1. Log in to Google Analytics and navigate to 'Audiences'
  2. Click on 'Add Segment' and then the red 'New Segment' button
  3. Click on 'Advanced' and then 'Conditions'
  4. Set the condition to "Page > Contacts >" and the event URL from Freshtix. E.G. /events/putnum-county-wine-festval
  5. Save

View Results

  1. Go to Audience > Demographics > Overview
  2. Using the "My Organization Sales" report to find the date, set the date range in Google Analytics to show when sales began and ended
  3. You can now view and export reports showing popular demographics such as:
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Interests
    • Geo Location
    • Mobile vs Desktop
    • Browser Used


Add Segment Google Analytics Create a Segment Google Analytics Advanced Condition Google Analytics

Overviewc Google Analytics

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