Announce/Publish Event Automatically

When first creating your event, you may not want to announce it or have it be visible to everyone right away. If you set your event to Private, it will only be visible to people who have the direct link and will not be listed on Freshtix or any search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.). But what if you have a specific date and time that you want it to become visible to everyone?

You can easily set a date and time for your event to automatically switch from Private to Public.


Setting The Publish Date/Time

When Creating An Event

When creating your event, you will be asked to set it as Public (visible on Freshtix, in search engines and using the direct link) or Private (only visible to you and anyone who has the direct link).

If you choose Private, you have the option to specify when the event is published.




On An Existing Event

If you have already created your event, you can set the publish date and time by following these steps:

  1. Click on "Manage Events"
  2. Select your event to open the Event Dashboard
  3. Click "Edit Your Event"
  4. Choose the "Settings" tab in the navigation menu
  5. Click the button beside Private Page and set the Publish Time
  6. Save the changes



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