Exit Scanning

There are a couple of reasons to turn on exit scanning at your event

  1. If you want to allow re-entry at your event
  2. If you just want to track the amount of time people spend at your event

If you allow re-entry at your event and want to track the number of people who leave, you'll need to set your event to allow for exit scans.

  1. Log in to your event
  2. Click on 'edit my event'
  3. Click on 'settings'
  4. Turn on Exit Scanning and Save

Freshtix Ticket Scanning

On the Freshtix mobile app, turn on 'exit scan on' under settings. 

You'll want to mark and designated specific ticket scanning devices to be 'exit scanners'. You shouldn't use one device and try switching back and forth on the app.

As you scan a ticket upon exit, your attendence will decrease accordingly and you'll be able to scan that ticket back in again.


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