Scan Tickets with the Linea Pro LP5 Sled

If you're using equipment sent to you by us, you'll be using the Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro LP5 sled.

  1. Make sure the iPhone/iPod and Linea Pro are both fully charged before each event. Click the button on the bottom of the device. If all 4 lights illuminate, the sled is fully charged
  2. Launch the Freshtix app and select your event
  3. Start scanning. Activate the laser scanner by pressing the button on the right-hand side of the Linea Pro.
  4. Position the laser about 3 to 6 inches away from the barcode and slowly move the scanner away from the barcode until you hear an audible response.
  5. If scanning barcodes on a phone, make sure the brightness is turned up and scanning is not impeded by a screen protector. In some instances, you may have to switch to camera scanning mode instead.




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