Exchange Partial Refund

If you need assistance with a standard exchange you can follow the steps and find the help article here


If a customer would like to exchange a ticket when there is a difference in price you can offer them a partial refund when using the exchange feature.


Follow the same steps you would when doing a regular exchange. 

  • Select exchange out tickets 
  • Select the new event 
  • Select new tickets 


The next step will be reviewing your exchange:





The amount you are returning to the customer will show up like it does above with the payment method they used included to confirm where the payment method the funds will return. 


Once the exchange is completed the customer will receive the exchanged order confirmation as well as the tickets.


In the Freshtix account under "My Orders" you can see the transactions that have been exchanged, as well as what it was exchanged with and what the difference in price was. 


** For the time being, you can only exchange tickets that are an equal exchange, or at a lower amount to be returned back to the customer. **







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