Integrating With BandsinTown

According to Bandsintown’s CEO, Julien Mitelberg “people expect to hear about concerts by receiving information.”  He says, “they’re not going to look for it.”

If you’re using Bandsintown to promote your events, be sure to take advantage of our built-in Bandsintown integration feature.  It’s really quite simple.

Event listings in Bandsintown use the artist as a primary identifier.  They know that when consumers come to their platform to look for events they are searching for a specific band or performer.


For your Freshtix event to automatically connect with an artist’s profile in Bandsintown, you need to add a few custom data fields to your organization setup in Freshtix.

There are five (5) easy steps:

1.  Go to your Organization Page in Freshtix.

2.  Click on the link to “Manage Data Fields.” Data Fields allow you to set custom values for each of your events.  After adding a field here, it is now available to use when setting up your events.  Since these new fields are part of your event structure, they can now be transmitted via the Freshtix API just like any of our other standard data fields.



3.  To integrate directly with BandsinTown, you need to create at least two custom data fields. They are “artist_1” and “artist_1_date”  They must be created in pairs – an artist field plus an artist date field – in order to work with Bandsintown.



4.  You can add up to three (3) pairs of artist fields (for a total of six (6) fields) to send to BandsinTown.


5.  These six (6) fields will automatically be added to each event that you set up in Freshtix.  Every time you know the name of an artist or headliner, simply add it to the custom data fields that you have created.




That’s it.  We’ll do the rest.  The Freshtix API will send your event information directly to Bandsintown.  If the artist has a corresponding event in Bandsintown, your Freshtix event page will automatically be associated with it.  Make sure to spell the artist’s name correctly and to use the correct dates.



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