How do I cancel my event?

We know that events get cancelled from time to time and we've made it easy to take care of your ticket buyers should this happen.

If you have not sold any tickets to your event there is no need to contact us if you need to cancel it. Just follow these steps and deactivate it. 

If you have sold some tickets, you'll need to:

  1. Stop ticket sales
  2. Update your event information to let people know it has been cancelled and state your refund policy
  3. Contact us so that we can issue everyone a refund


How To Cancel Your Event:

  1. Login to
  2. End ticket sales for your event
    1. Go to 'My Events'
    2. Change the off-sale times for your Price Types so that tickets are no longer available for purchase
  3. Change your event details to let people know that the tickets are being refunded
  4. We recommend you do not hide the event or make it private. You want ticket buyers to be able to visit your page for refund instructions and cancelation information. Unless no one knows about your event, in which case you should make it private so that it doesn't appear on
  5. Use the 'Contact Us' form to send us an email instructing us to refund all ticket buyers.

#FreshTip - if you've created a test event or you just want to delete an event from your dashboard we recommend changing the event date to today's current date and time. That way, (once it has passed) your event will drop off your dashboard and drop down below to the Past, Hidden or Incomplete Events section of your dashboard.


Helpful Hints

Here are some things to remember when canceling an event.

  • There is NO cost to you to cancel an event.
  • You will not incur any charges.
  • We will take care of refunding ticket buyer's credit cards.
  • You should not issue any refunds.
  • It takes 5-7 business days for a credit to appear on a ticket buyers bank account or credit card account. Remember to make your customers aware of this.
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