Create a multi-day event

You can easily create multi-day events on Freshtix.

For example, a two day wine festival that takes place on Saturday and Sunday

Before creating your event, ask yourself these questions.

  • Am I selling one ticket for each day?
  • Do I need to offer a two-day ticket?
  • Is the start and end time the same for each day of my event?
  • Am I creating one event that lasts for two days?
  • Or, am I creating two events that take place on sequential days?

One Ticket For Each Day

If you are selling one ticket for each day, and ticket buyers must decide between buying a ticket for Saturday OR Sunday, you should create 2 (two) events. (Saturday and Sunday)

  1. Login to
  2. Click on 'Manage Events'
  3. Click on 'My Events'
  4. Create the first event
  5. Copy the first event to create the second event

Single Day Tickets and Two-Day Tickets

If you offer both a single day ticket and a two day ticket follow these steps:

  1. For each event, create a Single Day ticket AND a Two Day Ticket

    Look at this example





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