Can I customize my tickets?

You can customize your Print-At-Home tickets. (you cannot customize mobile tickets... yet)

Simply edit your event, then click on 'Marketing Images' to upload an image.

The image dimensions are 1350 pixels wide by 1005 pixels high. (Here's how to do that!)

#Freshtix - don't make the design too ink heavy or your ticket buyers will complain.

Popular things to include are:

  • Venue or event schedule or calendar
  • Sponsorship (sell a sponsor prime real estate on your tickets!)
  • A coupon or other actionable item
  • Know Before You Go (what can you bring?)
  • Map, directions, transport or parking information

Here is an example:


Here's another good example from our friends at Old School Saturday

How To Customize Your Ticket

  1. Log in to Freshtix and go to your event dashboard
  2. Edit your event
  3. Select the 'Marketing' tab
  4. Upload a JPG or PNG image 1350 pixels wide x 1005 pixels tall
  5. Click 'Save'


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