Adding images and text to tickets

You can easily customize the ticket your buyers receive by adding an image to the bottom of the ticket.

The image must be 1350 pixels wide x 1005 pixels high.

You can use a free program such as Pixlr to create your image, then upload it to your ticket.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on 'Create New Image'
  3. Specify the width = 1350 and the height = 1005
  4. Click ok
  5. Use the 'text' tool to add any text you desire
  6. To add images, open the image, select it then paste it and save it.
  7. Then upload your finished image to your ticket in Freshtix. Here's more information on how to upload your finished image.

create a new image using Pixlr

add text

open image

copy the image

paste on to your ticket

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