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We have an app available to download for free on the App store.

The app is only for Event Organizers to check people in at their event. 

The app is not for ticket buyers to purchase tickets. 

You can use it to scan the barcodes on tickets to make sure they are valid and have not already been presented.

You can download the app here:

Follow these simple steps to scan tickets at your event:

  1. Open the app on your device
  2. Login to the app with the same username and password used to login to
  3. Select the event to scan tickets for
  4. After a few seconds, the event dashboard will load
  5. You can either check people in manually using the list (just click on each guest's name as they arrive) or use the app's camera to scan the barcode on tickets (more info)
  6. The dashboard will show you how many people have been scanned in/ checked in and how many are remaining

Manual Check-In

To check people in manually on the app, simply click their name to show all their tickets.


Using The Barcode Scanner

  1. From within the app, click on 'Launch Scanner'
  2. You'll see a green box. The goal is to get the barcode on the ticket to fit inside the box
  3. Hold the screen about 10 inches away from the ticket
  4. Move the ticket closer to the device, or move it further away until the box recognizes the barcode
  5. The scanner will respond with one of the following
  • [GREEN] Valid -this is a GOOD ticket. It will tell you the Price Type
  • [RED] Invalid - this is NOT a good ticket. It will tell you why it is NOT a good ticket.
  • [YELLOW] Valid - this is a GOOD ticket. But it was scanned (probably by you) less than 30 seconds ago.

When using the camera as a barcode scanner, the battery on your device will drain much faster than during normal use.

We recommend you take the following precautions when scanning for more than 2 hours or over 1,000 tickets at an event:

  • Make sure all devices are fully charged
  • Have extra/spare devices ready to go
  • Use an external battery pack. We suggest this device:
  • During slow periods, switch back to the main screen. Do not leave the camera in a state where it is constantly trying to focus. This is when it uses the most battery life
  • Use a long charging cable and leave the device plugged in



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