Check People In Using Instead of the Mobile App

You can check people in at your event using the Freshtix app (here's how!) or using a laptop or tablet. The Check In List is like a digital will call list that allows you to check people in from

  1. Log in to Freshtix
  2. Click on 'Manage Events'
  3. From your dashboard, click 'Check In List' - check in online button

    check in list

  4. Click on each attendee's name to check them in
    1. You can click on the ticket purchaser's name to expand the list of barcodes
    2. Either click the check box beside each barcode, or click the box on the far right to check in all of them at once
    3. When you click the check box it scans their tickets too! That way you can look at your reports to see who attended the event and what time they arrived.



check in online

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