Setting Up PayPal Processing

You can use your own PayPal account and the money from ticket sales will flow directly into your account each time a ticket is sold (minus our fee and their fee).


What type of PayPal account do I need? - To use PayPal on Freshtix, you must have a PayPal Business account.

Can I use a PayPal Personal account? - No. You must have a PayPal Business account.

How To Use PayPal to process your sales

  1. Go to and create a Business account.
  2. Come back to and create your free account.
  3. In the Payments tab, select PayPal as your payment processor.
    1. Complete the PayPal Billing Agreement
    2. Complete the PayPal Authorization Agreement
  4. Click 'Save Organization and Continue'

You are now ready to sell tickets via credit card and PayPal payments using PayPal.



The PayPal logo will appear on your event page to let your users know they can use PayPal.

Check out with PayPal logo

Understanding PayPal Refunds

  • PayPal only allows us to refund a transaction within a 60 day window. Therefore, if your event takes place on 7/23/2016, any transaction that took place before 5/23/2016 cannot be refunded by us. This could result in a lot of extra work for you if you’re forced to offer refunds for any reason. If it’s only a few, it will be manageable for you, but if you’ve got 100s of refunds to perform it will be time consuming.
  • Because we cannot perform refunds outside a 60 day window, we have to direct ticket buyers to you (the organizer) for a refund. This can cause confusion and dissatisfaction with a ticket buyer who feels they are being bounced from one company to another. They expect a refund from Freshtix, because they bought a ticket through our platform.
  • Ticket buyers may not understand that Freshtix does not have their money to refund them, because the organizer has already been paid.


Fee Breakdown - Understanding PayPal's Fees.

If your ticket price is $10.00, the fee calculated by Freshtix is $0.99 + 2% which in this example is $1.19

As each ticket sells, $11.19 will be deposited in to your PayPal account. At the same time, our fee ($1.19) will be deducted, leaving you with $10.00.

PayPal will deduct their fee from your $10.00

More Information About Different Payment Processing Options

Click here to learn more about the different payment processing options we offer.

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