Allocating COMP tickets without the Patrons email

#FRESHTIP - When you allocate COMP tickets, you need to put in the email address of the recipient, not your own. 

All Freshtix accounts are tied to an email address. When you put in someone else’s name, but your email address, all you are doing is changing the name on your account. 
In turn, your reports will read incorrectly. Each time you allocate a comp ticket, you change the name on all your comp orders to the last name that you used.


If you are using our Box Office Solution and need to issue tickets to someone, but are not sure of their email address, you can enter in the Patrons First and Last Name and allow the system to auto generate the email for you. 

This will add the Patrons name to the will call list. When on site, you can search for and check-in the Patron with their first and last name. 

Click here for more information regarding checking Patrons in on site. 




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