Issuing tickets without an email address

From time to time you need to issue tickets to people you don't have an email address for.

There are 2 ways to do this using our Box Office Solution.

  1. Don't enter an email address. Let the system auto-generate on for you
  2. Use Gmail's Alias Trick (more on that here)

1. Don't Enter An Email Address

When selling tickets, enter the recipients FIRST & LAST name, but DO NOT enter an email address. The system will auto-generate an email address for you. You can always look this order up in the system either by name or by the auto-generated email address should you need to locate the tickets at a later date.


2 Use Gmail's Alias Trick

If you have a Gmail address or your email is powered by Google Apps, you can add a + sign to an email address and still receive email at the original address. 

For example: sending an email to is the same as sending an email to

And sending an email to is the same as sending an email to

More on that here

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