Linea Pro LP5 Support

We have integrated with Infinite Peripherals scanners. 

  • Before your event, make sure your devices are charged.
  • You can confirm the charge status by clicking the clear button above the lights on the bottom of the sled. If the sled is fully charged, all 4 lights will illuminate.
  • Set the ‘auto lock’ to 4 minutes (that seems to be the optimal length of time) 
  • Don’t use ‘low power mode’ because it automatically sets the ‘auto lock’ to 30 seconds and it can’t be changed while enabled 
  • When the sled is enabled, the camera is deactivated. If you want to use the camera, close the app, reopen it and click the ‘launch scanner’ button to use the camera before you press the button on the side of the sled. 

An Infinite Peripherals user manual can be found at the bottom of this support article.



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