If you have been using our Box Office solution, you can perform refunds yourself by following these six steps.

If you do not have this enabled, you'll need to contact us to perform refunds.

Once enabled, please follow these steps to process a refund using our Box Office solution.

How To Process A Refund

  1. Login to Freshtix
  2. Click on ‘Manage Events’
  3. Click on ‘Search Orders’
  4. Search for an order using any of the following:
    1. email address
    2. order number
    3. last four digits of the credit card used
    4. name
  5. Find the correct order for the correct event
  6. Click the ‘Refund’ icon and process the refund. When the refund is complete you will see a .pdf receipt on the screen.



  • You CANNOT refund a transaction if a charge has not yet been settled (same day)
  • You can only VOID it (same day)



  • You can only refund a transaction if it has ALREADY been settled (day after)
  • Otherwise you have void it

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