Invite People to Your Event (Upload File)

Inviting Patrons to your event is easy as 1-2-3! Upload, Create, and Send. 

Click the "Send Emails" button via your dashboard. 


From here you can either Update Attendees or Send Invites:


When you click "Send Invites" you have two options

1) Upload attendee list (Instructions below)
2) Invite people from past events (more on that feature here)


How to Send Invites (Upload Attendee List)

You can invite people to your event by uploading a .csv file, creating a message template and then emailing everyone with a link to purchase tickets.

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on 'Manage Events''
  3. Click on the event you want people to purchase tickets to (not the event they attended in the past)
  4. On the Event Dashboard, click on 'Send Emails'
  5. Now click 'Send Invites' (Note: if you do not have an option to send invites on this page, make sure you selected the correct event in step 3 above)

  6. Click 'Choose File' to select the file you want to upload. The file that you're uploading needs the following column headers: 
    1. first_name
    2. last_name
    3. email_address

      Here is a sample file to use - download it here excel logo
  7. Click 'Import File'
  8. Create your message

     10. Click 'Preview Message'

     11. 'Edit Message' to make changes or 'Send Invite' to send!


Please Note: You can upload a maximum of 5,000 emails at one time.

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