Invite People To Your Event (Previous Ticket Buyers)

Inviting Patrons to your event is easy as 1-2-3! Select, Create, and Send.



First, you want to select the recipients for your notification email. Open the Event Dashboard for your UPCOMING event in Freshtix (not the past event).

Click the "Send Emails" button.


From here you can either 1) Update Attendees or 2) Send Invites.


Update Attendees is for letting customers know about an update or change to the event they've already purchased ticket for. (Here's how to send an update.)

Send Invites is when you want to invite previous ticket buyers to the event you have selected.

Click the "Send Invites" option.


When you click "Send Invites" you have two options:

  1. Invite ticket buyers from past events. (instructions below)
  2. Invite people who have not purchased from you before. To do so, you will be prompted to upload an attendee list. (more on that feature here)


To invite someone who bought tickets to a past event, simply select the event from the list. All purchasers from that past event will be invited to your current event.



Once all of your contacts have been selected, Freshtix will let you know how many unique email address are in your list.



Now, create the message you would like to send to your attendees. Here's an example of a place to start. Our emails are for text only so you won't be able to include any additional HTML. If you'd like to include a link, just make sure you have "www." in the beginning. Their email address provider will convert that into a link for you. If you have a long link, maybe one that include a sales tracking tag (more on that here), you can use a link shortening service to condense that URL down to a manageable size.

We'll automatically include a "Get Your Tickets" link to send them to your event.


Click 'Preview' to see a preview of your message to customers.

'Edit Message' to make changes or 'Send Invite' to send!


After you click "Send Invite", we'll take care of the rest! When your email has been sent, you'll be directed back to your My Events page.


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